Importance Of Collaboration In Supply Chain


In order to have an optimized supply chain, there needs to be immense group effort and team work between manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers. Until and unless a collaborative environment is built between everyone functioning down the line, the desired results cannot be achieved. The blog below will let you know the importance of collaboration and the necessity of trust to be built within the supply chain relationship.


How does trust play an important role?

Companies who have been able to build a healthy structure of trust within their organizations are only the ones who have built a trust factor with their 3PL providers. Unless you have trust within your own organization, you can never expect one to come up with a third party. When you start understanding the client and set a common goal and commitment to support the goals with them, only then can trust start to be built. Once trust has been built, the relationship between the organization and 3PL can produce valuable results. These values include cost reduction, minimal wastage and continuous improvement, thus a win-win relationship on both sides. On the other hand, lack of trust and opposition with the 3PL will not help you have a long-term relationship.

How can trust be built?

To build trust within the relationship you share with a 3PL, you need to select a reliable 3PL partner who can meet all your individual and unique requirements. A well-organized process of selecting and communicating with a 3PL provider is the key to a strong relationship. However, this kind of relationship building is not a matter of a few days or weeks. It can take up to months to establish trust, depending on the project and team efforts put in. Jayem Logistics is the best integrated supply chain player in India who always goes beyond customers’ expectations and ensures that the customers are happy and satisfied. Partnering with them will ensure that you build a trustworthy and respectful relationship.

What are the benefits achieved as a result of trust?

Once trust is built, there are numerous benefits that can be seen in the client-3PL relationship. As and when your relationship becomes stronger, and you gain trust for each other, more business is gained, thus increasing more profits and revenue. Because you trust each other and want to benefit together, you will start bringing referrals for the other. This will help both supplier and 3PL providers to get more business in hand. Moreover, with the relationship strengthening over time, there comes a period when you completely understand each other and build up immense comfort and compassion for each other. This in turn improves upon internal processes and brings about a smooth work flow. It makes it much easier to come up with innovative ways of conducting processes, which in turn lead to further hard and soft cost savings.


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