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How Are Consumers Transforming Supply Chain Practices?

We all know how eCommerce stores have become a booming industry today. This has highly affected the brick and mortar stores and the supply chain industry. With online stores providing so much comfort and options to the buyers, the consumers have highly altered behaviour when it comes to buying products. With the rapid advancements in technology coming up every day, the logistics behind supply chain management is also changing. It is the consumer who shapes the future of the supply chain industry. Read on for a clearer understanding of this statement.

Online shopping

As said earlier, online shopping has become one of the easiest and most preferred modes of shopping today for every big and small product. It has set such high standards by providing free home delivery, cash on delivery and such other schemes that it has pressurized supply chains to achieve these standards too. Today’s customers want fast and faultless services from their sellers. They want what they order just the way they expect it to arrive within the given time frame without any faults. Thus, it becomes a big responsibility for the supply chain professionals to take care of the deliveries and monitor it at every step to maintain efficiency and strengthen the trust of their customers. The most important element of the entire selling process focuses on shipping to provide the right products safely, quickly and at the lowest possible price. One single error in the shipment process means loss of the customer’s trust for a lifetime.


Social media

Another most commonly used platform to which almost every consumer is addicted to is social media. But, how can social media affect supply chain, you may ask. Social media is where millions of people connect personally as well as professionally. Social media can help supply chain professionals to access real-time feedback. A lost customer order or complaint about an order or even positive reviews are revealed on social media platforms. This has increased the need for transparency between customers and brands, leaving no room for error. These platforms are not beneficial only for customers. Social media also enables companies to predict future customer trends, thus increasing the opportunity for supply chain innovation.

Multiple platforms

Customers can now purchase via a variety of platforms like desktop, smartphones and apps. Fashion accessories, furniture and also groceries are available for doorstep deliveries. All these conveniences have brought about lots of challenges for supply chain professionals, the most important one being efficient monitoring of stock as it travels via the path of warehouse – store – customers. Many stores now facilitate iPads for online orders and store transfers, which bring a great ‘in-store’ experience for the customers. This shows how supply chain industries have reflected a change to keep up with the changing times. Supply chain professionals need to accurately track larger quantities of goods as they travel faster and further like never before.


In spite of all the challenges being faced today, Jayem Logistics very skillfully adapts to the changes and updates its practices for the satisfaction of its customers, thus standing as the best integrated supply chain player in India.